Networking is the Art of Building Relationships

Benefits of Networking

  • Companies estimate that they fill more than 25% of their positions by networking
  • Earlier chance at an opportunity
  • Building a professional network for the future

What is Networking?

  • It’s a learned skill
  • It’s all about visibility
  • It’s about building alliances, not about job hunting
  • It’s not a replacement for talent, it’s about being recognized as talented

Networking is NOT…

  • A one-way street…it must benefit both parties
  • About gaining the confidence to call strangers to ask for a job
  • Always productive…expect some people to not respond

Networking IS…

  • Maintaining connections and building alliances
  • Often more effective on an informal basis
  • Collecting information, educating yourself about employment opportunities, increasing your list of professional contacts, and informing them of your availability

Tapping the Hidden Job Market

  • Experience shows that networking is a very rich source of:
    • Job leads
    • Information about unpublished job openings
    • Career advice

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