Start a Chapter

Membership in the Business Careers in Entertainment Association (BCEA) opens up your professional possibilities. As a chapter, you will have exclusive access to career opportunities and networking.

When you join the BCEA, you join a network of students dedicated to learning more about the entertainment industry and to getting hands-on experience. In addition to the connection you create within the association, you will gain access to our alumni, faculty, and industry professionals, as well as to our career and internship information.

Affiliating a Business Careers in Entertainment Club (BCEC) chapter on your campus can be a professionally and socially rewarding experience. All it takes is a leader to start the process!

To be officially recognized as a BCEC chapter, you need to find a Faculty Sponsor. Your Faculty Sponsor is not only your link to the BCEA, but he/she also serves as adviser of your BCEC chapter.

Once you have found interested students, and an adviser, you are ready to get started!

What’s Required to Form a BCEC Chapter?

  • Submit a petition containing the signatures of 10 undergraduate students who are willing to become BCEC members and the first members of your chapter; collegiate chapters must maintain a minimum of 10 members.
  • Find a faculty member on your campus who will serve as faculty adviser to the chapter.
  • Create a constitution outlining how the chapter will operate. (Click here to generate a custom constitution)
  • Submit the proper paperwork and the membership applications of the 10 people who signed the petition to the BCEA National Headquarters for review.